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Our Projects



Lunar Surface Exploration

The Lunar mission’s milestones include designing and building the lunar payload, testing regolith interaction and data collection and analyses for future development of lunar exploration technology.

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The name “QMR-KWT” means “Moon of Kuwait”, translated from Arabic, and launched aboard Spacex Falcon 9 rocket in 2021. QMR-KWT has been conceived to empower students to contribute to the advancement of satellite communication technology while also preparing future professionals to operate the next generation of communication satellites.  Registration information for QMR-KWT (international designator 2021-059BS)



Code In Space

For the first time, students from around the world can send and execute their own code in space (Low Earth Orbit). Students may submit proposals, and the selected submissions will be uploaded to a nanosatellite orbiting the Earth. The code will be executed by the satellite’s onboard computer and will be tested under real space environment conditions. The code executions test results will be transmitted back to Earth via a satellite ground station.


Experiment in Space

In collaboration with leading research institutions, this project provides a platform for conducting experiments in microgravity. The experiments focus on biological and physical sciences, exploring how different materials and organisms behave in zero gravity . Our first experiment in space  E.coli Consuming CO₂ to Combat Climate Change

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