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Orbital Space Moon Mission!

Experiment on the Moon

The Orbital Space Lunar program will contribute to humanity’s goal of establishing a long term sustainable presence of humans on the surface of the Moon.

Our mission is to inspire and empower the next generation of innovators, providing them with an unparalleled opportunity to design, develop, and execute scientific experiments on the lunar surface. We believe that the unique environment of the Moon can stimulate the development of novel ideas and technologies that are not possible on Earth.

A Historic Venture

The Orbital Space Lunar Program paves the path for the innovators of tomorrow, empowering students to design and execute scientific experiments and technology tests on the Moon.

We're on a mission to spark public interest and broaden understanding about the progressive steps towards establishing a sustained human presence on the Moon.

Key Benefits

Pioneering Lunar Research

Empowering Students With Skills For Tomorrow

Engaging The Public With Space Exploration

Creating Opportunities For Collaboration

Contributing To Global Space Initiatives

Lunar Program Educational Initiatives

Lunar Exploration Academy

Lunar Mission Boot-camp

Journey to the Moon Education Program

Space Science Communication Program

Space Innovators Webinar Series

Student Competitions And Challenges

Public Talks and Workshops

Online Interactive Content

Educator Resources

Moon Mission EOM OS
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