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Lunar Program

Orbital Space's Lunar Program offers unique opportunities for students and researchers to participate in cutting-edge lunar missions. By partnering with leading space organizations, we provide hands-on experience and a chance to contribute to significant space exploration projects.

Key Features of Our Lunar Program

Join our groundbreaking lunar missions designed to advance scientific knowledge and inspire the next generation of space explorers. Our program offers unparalleled access to lunar exploration, combining educational activities with real-world research and development.

Space Satellite

Access to Advanced Technology


Educational Workshops

Creative Space

Collaborative Projects

  • Work with state-of-the-art lunar exploration equipment and tools.

  • Engage in projects using cutting-edge technology and methodologies.

  • Participate in workshops led by industry experts and experienced space professionals.

  • Gain practical knowledge and skills through interactive sessions and hands-on activities.

  • Engage in collaborative projects with top universities, research institutions, and space organizations.

  • Work alongside scientists and engineers on missions that have real scientific and commercial impact.

Benefits of Our Lunar Program


Real-World Experience

Orbital Space Lunar Mission Payload Team.jpeg

Career Advancement


Scientific Contribution

  • Gain practical experience in space missions, enhancing your knowledge and skills.

  • Participate in mission planning, execution, and data analysis.

  • Enhance your career prospects in the aerospace industry.

  • Build a network of contacts and gain recognition through your contributions to lunar exploration.

  • Contribute to groundbreaking research and discoveries in lunar science.

  • Be part of missions that aim to understand more about the moon and its potential for future exploration.

The First Private Lunar Mission from the Arab World!

The first footprints on the Moon will be there for a million



First Private Lunar Mission from the Arab World.

First Student Led experiment on the surface of the Moon.

Second Lunar mission from the UAE.


The Orbital Space Lunar Mission

Scientific Contribution

This historic mission is anticipated to provide new knowledge about the surface environment on the Moon by investigating the interactions between the lunar- regolith and different materials and coatings.

The Lunaris  project brings together a multidisciplinary group of students tasked with the responsibility of preparing the payload for this ambitious lunar mission. They are set to confront a variety of challenges associated with the harsh lunar environment, including dealing with extreme temperatures and lunar dust.

Regolith is the term used for lunar dust.

The Lunaris  Payload will  make a substantial contribution to lunar studies, representing the first of its kind to conduct such research on the Moon's surface.

How to Join the Lunar Program

The Lunar Exploration Academy

The Lunar Mission Bootcamp

The Space Innovators Series

Public Talks and Workshops

Competitions and Challenges

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