Orbital Space Moon Mission!

Launching in 2023

This will be the first private Moon mission from the Arab region and the second lunar mission from the United Arab Emirates. 

Following the steps of the MBRSC's Emirates Lunar Mission to send UAE's first lunar rover Rashid for lunar exploration purposes and continuing with its initiatives to make space accessible to all, Orbital Space is announcing a new opportunity to send an experiment to the Moon. 

The Challenge

We are seeking ideas for experiments that support prospecting for resources that help support a sustained human presence on the Moon. Propose an idea for an experiment to be conducted on the moon. The experiment must fit within a container with maximum external dimensions of 100mm x 100mm x 100mm and a total mass of 100g.

Why should you be excited about this competition?
  • Opportunity to learn how real scientists conduct their experiments

  • You can explore a topic that interests you and learn about the environment on the Moon

  • Learn how science experiments in space are conducted

  • Understand how physical and biological processes are differ on the surface of the Moon

  • The uniqueness of the Moon’s environment can enable the development of something new which is not possible to be developed on Earth

  • University Admissions departments love this! It’s also a great project to reference in job interviews

Purpose of the Mission
  • To encourage and empower students to develop, design and conduct scientific experiments

  • To increase awareness about space missions and space environment and its potential impact on humanity

Who is Eligible

The competition is open to any student from any country age 18 or older participating as an individual or as a team. Younger students can be a part of the team as long as at least two members are 18 or older.  Individual competitors and teams may originate from any country. No specific qualifications or expertise in the field is required. We encourage non-expert individuals and teams to compete and propose new ideas.

Silver Steel Plate



Form your team and put your idea together


Submit your idea by
February 28, 2022


Winning idea announced
April 3, 2022


Winners work to
prepare their experiment
April - October 2022


One Year - Testing


Experiment to launch to the moon in 2023