QMR-KWT Orbital Space


QMR-KWT is a CubeSat and it's Kuwait’s first satellite.

The educational mission will allow students from around the world to learn more about satellite communications by writing software code to be uploaded and executed on one of the satellite’s onboard computers in an out-of-this-world opportunity for students to Code in Space.

The name “QMR-KWT” means “Moon of Kuwait”, translated from Arabic, and will launch aboard Spacex Falcon 9 rocket in 2021.

QMR-KWT has been conceived to empower students to contribute to the advancement of satellite communication technology while also preparing future professionals to operate the next generation of communication satellites. For more detail click here!


Ground Station

To continue the legacy of “Um Alaish” satellite station, Orbital Space established “Um Alaish 4” as the first private CubeSat ground station in the Middle East to provide free access to signals from CubeSats already on orbit.

Um Alsaish 4 is member of the global network of satellite ground stations SatNOGS and contributor to the AMSAT-UK Data Warehouse

“Um Alaish 1” satellite station was one of the first satellite ground stations in the Middle East inaugurated in 1969 about 70 km north of Kuwait City in an area called “Um Alaish”. The station was established to relay telegrams and telephone calls as well as transmit live pictures of the Apollo 12 mission.

“Um Alaish 2” was commissioned in 1977 and “Um Alaish 3” was added to the site in 1981.  In 1990 “Um Alaish” station was completely destroyed by the Iraqi invasion and unfortunately was never recovered.