Um Alaish 4 received telemetry signal from FUNcube-1

Um Alaish 4 Ground Station completed its first operation test. It was able to receive successfully telemetry signal from FUNcube-1.

FUNcube-1 is a complete educational single unit CubeSat satellite with the goal of enthusing and educating young people about radio, space, physics and electronics. It is part of a program which aims to launch more of these educational CubeSats.

The FUNcube project was started in the UK by AMSAT-UK. The satellite has been developed by a team of volunteers from AMSAT-UK and AMSAT-NL, and was assembled at ISIS in Delft. It has been designated with OSCAR number 73 by AMSAT and is now also known as AO-73.

As part of its mission, FUNcube-1 carries a materials science experiment, from which the school students can receive telemetry data and which they can compare to the results they obtained from similar reference experiments in the classroom.

FUNcube-1 in the cleanroom

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