As a tradition, each mission into space usually has a unique patch that represents the mission. A mission patch typically includes all the important aspects of mission.

For Kuwait's first experiment into space, this can include symbols related to:


Orbital Space

The Experiment Name and E.coli

The Scientific Center Kuwait

The International Space Station

Names of the Students working on the experiment

Your design should tell a story about Kuwait's Experiment!

experiment name

Kuwait’s Experiment: E.coli  Consuming CO2 To Combat Climate Change [E.coliC⁵]

The experiment competition was run by The Scientific Center Kuwait and is sponsored by Orbital Space.

Students names: 

Mahlak , Omar , Gunha and Kyle

information to help you get started

It is Kuwait’s first experiment to go into space, to the International Space Station.

The experiment will be conducted by NASA Crew Expedition 64.

The experiment will be taken to the International Space Station aboard the inaugural flight of SpaceX Dragon 2 - "Cargo Dragon". Flight number: SpX CRS-21


Deadline 6 August, 2020


Think about symbols to use for incorporating into the mission patch.  Click HERE for examples of other mission patches.


Write the explanation for your mission patch design.


Create your design!

Your design can be hand drawn or done with a computer. For design tips click HERE.

Experiment in space

JPG / PDF maximum size 10 mb

DEADLINE August 6, 2020!

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