Um AlAish 4

“Um Alaish 1” satellite station was one of the first satellite ground stations in the Middle East inaugurated in 1969 about 70 km north of Kuwait City in an area called “Um Alaish”. The station was established to relay telegrams and telephone calls as well as transmit live pictures of the Apollo 12 mission. The station communicated with the Indian Ocean satellite (IntelSat 4A) at an orbit of a longitude of 62.5 east of Greenwich receiving 18 high frequency channels. “Um Alaish 2” was commissioned in 1977 to receive signals from Europe, Africa, and the Americas and “Um Alaish 3” was added to the site in 1981. In addition to the three 30 meter dishes, “Um Alaish” satellite station complex included 12 meter dish for INMARSat added in 1983 and 10 meter dish for ArabSat added in 1986. “Um Alaish” provided satellite communication services (voice, TV, and data for ships and aviation) for two decades. In 1990 “Um Alaish” station was completely destroyed by the Iraqi invasion and unfortunately was never recovered.

To continue the legacy of “Um Alaish” satellite station, Orbital Space established “Um Alaish 4” as the first private CubeSat ground station in the Middle East to provide free access to signals from CubeSats already on orbit. This is done through open-access platform (web interface) that would enable retrieving signals from CubeSats in UHF and VHF bands. This would include status and telemetry signals, data from payloads (experiments) from CubeSats passing over Kuwait.

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