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Experiment in Space winners Mahlak Abdullah and Omar Kammourieh Orbital Space

The 2019 winning team for Kuwait's first "Experiment in Space" competition:


E.coli Consuming CO₂ to Combat Climate Change

Click here for details about the experiment


Orbital Space implemented this project through an agreement with DreamUp PBC and Nanoracks LLC, which are working with NASA under a Space Act Agreement.

Kuwait's Experiment in Space Mission Patch Orbital Space
Launched on December 6, 2020!

We can help you create exciting competitions for students to engage with actual space research.  This program helps students to develop skills in scientific method, critical thinking and leadership.  Students will experience what scientists go through in preparing for a real world space mission.

In Kuwait, we created the opportunity for students to design an experiment that was launched aboard SpaceX Falcon 9, Dragon 2.  The experiment was conducted by an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS). The winning experiment was the first ever science experiment to go to space from Kuwait.

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